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Page history last edited by Sherman Clarke 8 years, 8 months ago



To: Subject Analysis Committee

From: Sherman Clarke, Liaison from ARLIS/NA

Date: 10 January 2012



Report on subject cataloging activities from the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)


The transition from the online proposal form to using the Minaret system for SACO proposals is beginning to be felt in the number of subject proposals coming from art catalogers. The Frick Art Reference Library has joined the BIBCO Program which should increase the number of their subject proposals.


We are watching developments in the form/genre arena as well as RDA code development for subjects.


In previous reports, I've mentioned the establishment and funding of the Built Works Registry, based at Columbia. It has not yet taken off but we hope that it will significantly increase the number of authorized headings for built works. The story is pretty much the same for the Cultural Object Name Authority, based at the Getty.


The 2012 ARLIS/NA conference will be held in late March in Toronto.



Sherman Clarke

freelance art cataloger

Alfred, NY


Comments (1)

Sherman Clarke said

at 3:55 pm on Jan 17, 2012

After posting this report, I learned that JSC had moved toward considering FRBR Group 3 entities as "bibliographic entities and define whatever attributes and relationships seem appropriate." The report from John Attig on the JSC action was a memo to Judy Cheng (SAC chair) and Bob Maxwell (SAC-RDA group chair), dated 19 December 2011. LC will prepare a new discussion paper, replacing 6JSC/LC rep/3: Group 3 entities and "subject." 6JSC/CILIP/1: Group 3 entities and "subject" is being withdrawn as the paper has been overtaken by events. Someday, we will rename the NAF and SAF as the EAF (Entity Authority File) (this is wild speculation on my part).

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