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Report to SAC, Annual 2010

Page history last edited by Sherman Clarke 10 years, 3 months ago




To: Subject Analysis Committee

From: Sherman Clarke, liaison from Art Libraries Society of North America

Date: 11 June 2010

Re: report to SAC


Art SACO, an outgrowth of Art NACO, has been pretty quiet but I have started a page of information devoted to art subject cataloging at https://sites.google.com/site/artsaco/. There are pages devoted to several of the issues that are especially relevant to art cataloging, e.g., "the divided world," buildings, archaeological sites, and artist groups.


Another chapter of Cataloging exhibition publications--best practices has been submitted to the Publications Committee of ARLIS/NA. This chapter has to do with access points and will join earlier chapters on title and statement of responsibility, notes, and subjects. The three published chapters have been combined into a single PDF document and added to Cataloger's Desktop. They are also available on the ARLIS/NA website: http://www.arlisna.org/pubs/onlinepubs/index.html


The Cataloging Advisory Committee wiki has been opened up for reading by all, with comments enabled by those with PBWorks accounts. The wiki can be found at http://arliscac.pbworks.com/.


I am looking forward to the LC/SAC analysis of subdivisions in H1095. This could lead to lists devoted to special subject topics such as buildings or ancient cities.



Sherman Clarke

freelance and itinerant art cataloger

Alfred, NY


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