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Report to SAC, Midwinter 2017

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Subject Analysis Committee

Report from the Art Libraries Society of North America

Midwinter 2017, Atlanta


The significant subject-related business of the ARLIS/NA Cataloging Advisory Committee (CAC) continues to be the art genre/form project. Janis Young was able to attend the ARLIS/NA conference last spring in Seattle. Records for all of the terms to be proposed have been drafted and a document is being prepared for presentation to Janis and the Policy and Standards Division.


One fundamental issue that repeatedly arises is reproduction. For many libraries, access to the original genre/form is what will be provided. That is, a reproduction of American Gothic by Grant Wood would get a 655 with Paintings. This is primarily because the library only has reproductions, and the means of reproduction are probably not important.


In special collections and museums, with originals and reproductions, access is probably needed to both the original and reproduction genre/form. For example, if you had an offset lithograph reproduction of a wood engraving, you might want:

            Wood engravings -- Reproductions

            Offset lithographs

At the same time, the "Reproductions" becomes a marker more than an access point. You probably don't expect people to search "reproductions" in a special collection but just to be informed that the resource is a wood engraving manifest in an offset lithograph reproduction. I speculate that this might play out better in BIBFRAME with its Work/Instance than it does in MARC. Perhaps parallel, VRA Core has Work and Image components; the genre/form of the original would be in Work and that of the reproduction would be in Image (rather extreme over-simplification).


CAC also worked on a number of other issues, including a proposal to the MARC Advisory Committee for encoding color content in the physical description, and commenting on the FRBR Library Reference Model. We have also joined the online discussions of the ARTFRAME project at Columbia, part of the LD4P initiative.



Submitted by Sherman Clarke

independent cataloger/librarian

Alfred, NY



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